Photo and Banner:  Chris Wong

Photo and Banner: Chris Wong

Anne-Michelle hiebert

is a children’s dance education specialist, with twenty years of experience teaching primary students in elementary schools.

From a lifelong interest in designing intrinsically motivating activities for children, the Chance to Dance Education program has been developed.

Anne-Michelle has created educational programs for children as a dance teacher, a founding member of Island Discovery Learning Community, (which is a publicly funded education program focussed on child-driven learning in small groups), a licensed daycare provider, a volunteer in many capacities, an early childhood community leader, as well as a workshop leader in subjects ranging from musical theatre to science and art. She learned the most about the deep journey of compassionate whole-child education, as the hands-on mom of two children who are now creative, kind, and vibrant adults. 

Of particular interest to Anne-Michelle, is the role of authentic, and chosen, engagement in learning. Also of interest is the universal need for emotional security, prior to a process of reaching and risking; therefore, the importance of teaching with both compassion and fair authority, and the need to move from exercises which feel interesting, achievable, and simple, towards exercises which require creative innovation, and self-trust.

Anne-Michelle received her dance training from  Goh Ballet, Arts Umbrella, Harbour Dance Centre and Main Dance Place. She also attended UBC.


Photos: Chris Wong