Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What ages is the program designed for?

A: The program is designed for Preschool through Grade 2/3 students. The program will be expanding to include older children in the future.


Q: How long is each dance class?

A: Each class is 40 to 45 minutes depending on the school's bell schedule.


Q: How many divisions can be fit into a day?

A: Six or seven divisions will fit into a day depending on the school's bell schedule.


Q: What space and equipment is needed for the dance classes?

A: A gym is ideal. A multi-purpose room also works, if it is free of furniture and has a bare floor. If we are in a gym we will need to use the school's sound system. If we are in a multi-purpose room, a sound system will be provided.


Q: Do teacher's need to stay with their classes?

A: Yes. Teacher's are legally required to stay with their students throughout the dance class.


Q: how do you work with teachers?

A: I trust the relationship teachers have developed with their students. I know that teachers work hard to set routines and expectations based on the individuals in their class. I find that the children get the most out of the dance classes if their classroom teacher brings this expertise into the dance class, and shepherds their students, while I lead the dance class. I rely on teachers and support staff, because they know the unique abilities and challenges of each of their children. I respect teacher input and knowledge, so please do not hesitate to “interrupt” the class at any time if you wish.

A: Please feel free to join in, or to watch from the sides. No pressure :)

Of note: When teachers and support staff are "all in" either by participating, or by actively watching the children, their students shine!


Q: Are there any other preparations needed?

A: It is ideal for children to dance in their bare feet. Footed tights can be very slippery so it is worthwhile to ask children to avoid wearing them on dance days. If they forget, it's not a big problem, as footless tights can be borrowed.

Also: It is good for me to know, if you have any children with a recent concussion, or serious injury


Q: What are considerations when scheduling a day of classes?

A:  If the gym or muti-purpose room is also used for after-school care, or a hot lunch program, set up time during school hours may be required. This may need to be considered when breaking the day into 40-45 minute classes.